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Custom Orders


Before I start making your custom order we will discuss one on one what you want. I will use my expertise to ensure your combination of patterns, clay, and glaze, work well together chemically and aesthetically.

Please look over the steps below and fill out the information in the forms for your desired order; either the lace plates, or the floral works. I will contact you to go over details and specifics as soon as possible. Because each item is hand made, note that custom orders can take 6-8 weeks or more to complete depending on the size, intricacy, or number of items desired.Additionally, the prices of custom order items may be elevated due to the unique nature of each order.

Lace Plates

For the lace plates, if you want a particular shape, glaze, clay, or lace pattern/combination, I can do that for you. I also can use your personal lace or fabric to create your own custom set of plates with your own unique pattern. (Note the lace will be covered in clay during the process and may become stained.) 

How it works:

1. Choose a Clay: We offer two types of clay to choose from, a Hazelnut Brown and White Stoneware. *Note: if you choose Hazelnut, the only glaze available is Satin White. Other glazes may be added in the future for the brown clay.

Hazelnut Stoneware clay on Left, White Stoneware Clay on Right.

Hazelnut Stoneware clay on Left, White Stoneware Clay on Right.

2. Choose a plate shape:Circle or Square. *Note that the rim of the square linear lace plate .5 inches thicker that the full lace square plate. if you desire a thicker rim for the other patterns please note that.


3. Choose a lace pattern:We have a single line of lace or full lace pattern to choose from. You may mix and match these patterns on different plates. *Note: Other patterns may be added in subsequent series of plates.

If you would like a custom pattern from our own lace to be used please note that. We can discuss the lace and pattern and see what would be best for your order.


4. Choose a size or set:You may choose a whole set or mix and match sizes.

Sizes for the Square and Circle Full lace plates:4.25 inch butter plate, a 5.5 inch bread plate, an 6.75 inch dessert plate, a 8 inch salad plate, and a 9.5 inch entrée plate.

Sizes for the Square Line Lace Plate: 5 inch butter/ bread plate, a 6.5 inch dessert plate, an 8 inch salad plate, a 9.5 inch dinner plate, and an 11 inch large platter or entrée plate.

5. Choose a glaze:For the white stoneware clay you have the choice of a Celadon or an Oribe Green. For the Hazelnut Brown the Satin White is the only available glaze at the moment. *Note: Other glazes may be added for future lines of plates.

If you are looking for a totally different glaze color then what we have mentioned please contact us. We may be able to find a color that will work for your vision and also work for the lace design and clay.

All items are hand made to order. There may be small imperfections or differences attributed to the hand made quality of the works.

Celadon on the Left, Oribbe Green in the Middle, Satin White on the Right

Celadon on the Left, Oribbe Green in the Middle, Satin White on the Right

Name *
Type of Clay
Lace Pattern
How many plates would you like?
Please note anything else you think we should know. Are the plates for you or someone else? Are they for a special occasion? Or if ordering multiple combinations of glazes, sizes, or patterns, please note here.
When do you need the plates?

Floral Items:

For floral items, most of these are one of a kind. But if you see a particular flower, or theme that I have done, and you would like something similar, I can do that for you. Also if there’s a particular flower that you want that I haven’t done in the past, I will work with you to create a piece where I do use that flower. Please fill out the form below and give a detailed description of your order in the message box.

Name *
Type of form
What shape or type of form would you like?
Type of Clay
Describe the shape of your item. Is it rounded or square, does it have a long neck, or bulbous body, Does it have a small mouth or a wide mouth, etc.? Th more detail the better
What size do you want your vessel to be. Give us an approximate Length, Width, and Height.
What type of flower, plant, or pattern do you want on the surface of your vessel? What color o you want them to be? (Note: The flowers do not have to be the same color they are in real life! You can be creative!)
By when do you need the vessel? Please allow 6-8 weeks for making and delivery.
How any vessels would you like? (Note: The more vessels you order the long it may take for delivery.)
Is there anything else we need to know? Add any other details you think would be helpful!